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Installation & Care

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Plan out and space out your frames, preferably place them on the floor to visualize your pattern


Wipe the surface with a dry cloth and make sure it is free of dust or dirt that might stick on the adhesive strip. DO NOT stick on uneven or poorly painted surfaces as the paint may chip off resulting in wall damage as well as degradation of the adhesive tape


Peel the backing from the adhesive pad on the back of the frame


Press the top of the frame firmly against the wall to secure it in place

Removing the frame

Remove the frame from the wall by pulling the bottom of the frame upwards in a gentle manner Please do not pull sharply or apply excessive force as this may damage the adhesive strip and affect the longevity

Caring for your frame

  • Stick on a well painted, smooth and clean surface
  • Dust/clean without applying unnecessary pressure to the frames
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture
  • Warning: Please do not stick the frame on poorly painted walls, this will result in wall damage. Make sure your wall is well painted and free of cracks.